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Data Migrator

Revolutionizing data migrations

What is Data Migrator?

Data Migrator is one of Oracle Fusion Cloud PLM tools. It is an end to end fully automated solution which extracts, transforms, migrates and validates data from Agile PLM and other PLM solutions to Oracle Fusion Cloud PLM in a timely and efficient manner.


  • Migrating large volumes (terabytes) of historic PLM data (such as item attributes, manufacturers and suppliers) is a difficult and time-consuming process.


  • Many times source data requires cleaning before it can be migrated to Oracle Fusion Cloud PLM.


  • Manual files (attachments) migration results in a longer freeze time in production migrations.


  • Data security over the internet 


  • Data load optimization

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Product Highlights

  • Supports multiple host systems

  • Has deep integration with Agile PLM

  • Designed to handle large volumes of data transfer

  • Leverages cloud scalability 

  • End to end data security 

  • Data accuracy ensured

  • Data validations and cleaning for better data quality

  • Time-efficient 




  • A fully automated process that reduces errors in data extraction and load resulting in a significant order of magnitude reduction in data load time

  • Many folds reduced time in developing, testing and executing data extraction scripts

  • Supports configurable transformation rules to allow for customer-specific transformations to apply customized business rules

  • Automated validation to identify anomalies in the data that would cause data load failures in Oracle Fusion Cloud PLM

  • Post data load validation reports to certify the accuracy of the data load

  • Linking of files with items

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