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GoStart Enterprise Edition

Accelerate your move to Oracle Cloud PLM with GoStart

What is GoStart Enterprise Edition? 

Our GoStart (enterprise edition) are best practices industry templates developed by GoSaaS to speed up the cloud implementation process. We provide a predefined application configuration that can be loaded quickly into the customer's cloud environment. 

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  • GoStart brings together the details for Item Classes, Change Orders (attributes and workflows), BOM details and Manufacturer details for the configuration in Oracle Fusion Cloud PLM.

  • The security structure is also laid out in GoStart so that the roles and privileges can be assigned to the users accordingly.

    • A combination of Create, Read, Update and Delete features can be used to form Job roles allowing them to perform certain actions.

    • The job roles can be micromanaged and the security features can be implemented to the item class level. This granularity in security allows admin control on the system.

  • The workflow of the Change Order has to be specified and the details for auto-promotion/demotion and approver options can be listed for a best-fit solution.


GoSaaS' best-practices configuration baseline for the following: 

  • Auto-numbering for Parts and Documents

  • Part and Document Classes with attributes

  • Workflows and Workflow Status

  • User Roles and Privileges

  • Configuration documentation 

Top-notch Training 

  • also trains the customer on how to modify certain configuration aspects based on the original GoStart settings

  • Self-paced training is provided along with on-going access to a training portal with continuously updated videos


  • Predefined application configuration with rich subclass definitions present

  • Saves many hours of work researching, defining, and configuring a sophisticated set of part and document subclasses with associated attributes

  • Go-Live with the Oracle Fusion Cloud PLM solution will be much sooner

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