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Cloud Migration

Proven methodology and tools to migrate configurations, data and customizations from on-premises or Legacy Cloud Applications to the Cloud

Cloud Migration Timeline has a tried-and-true method for migrating clients from legacy on-premises and cloud applications to new cloud modules. Together, this methodology and our migrator solution significantly reduce migration costs and duration. 

oracle cloud migration process

Essential Steps for a Typical Migration Project

1. Pre-implementation Training

Prior to migration workshops, product training for business process owners who will be making decisions regarding cloud migration is conducted as it results in much better input and decisions.

2. Migration Workshops

Our SME (Subject Matter Expert) leads workshops for process area owners. The workshops aim to optimize and map client processes to cloud modules. Our team documents the system's migration plan after the workshops and gets client approval.

3. Configuration Conversion

Based on the migration requirements, migrates the configurations from legacy systems to cloud systems.

  • GoSaaS Migrator converts Agile’s configurations and maps it into Excel. 

  • Excel configurations are reviewed in workshops and any changes can be made in Excel.

  • Once the Excel is signed off, GoSaaS Migrator converts the Excel into cloud configurations in the target environment (10-15 minutes).

cloud plm configurations

04. Data Migration

Based on requirements, extracts data from legacy system(s) and migrates it to cloud using cloud provided import tools and/or our Migrator toolkit. and clients to test the process with partial data before doing a complete data load to help in identifying any issues which may need to be fixed. This process may need to be repeated

gosaas migrator

5. Customizations

agile plm customization

6. Mapping Existing Integrations

In this step, the current configurations of Agile PLM system are mapped to Oracle Cloud PLM as is with the help of OIC (Oracle Integration Cloud) or GS integrator.

Most Common Agile PLM Integrations
Cloud PLM solution
CAD integration
GS Integration Process with SAP, EBS, Dynamics with GS Adapters
Custom Systems
GS Push Adapter into Any file Format (aXML, PDX) with or without attachments. GS Pull Adapter to replace any data pulls
ERP Integrations (SCMNet, PIP)
OIC with GS Integration Process with Solidworks, OrCAD, DxDesigner

7. Conference Room Pilots (CRP)

After the system’s configuration, key process owners who participated in the migration workshops test if the configurations are carried out correctly. 

8. User Acceptance Test (UAT)

A broader set of users are involved in testing the system and providing any feedback that may have been missed during the CRP stage.

9. Go-live

A complete data extraction, transformation and loading takes place in this phase. Once the system is ready, it is made available to key process area teams to validate the system before making it available to end-users.

Migration Platform
Accelerating configuration and data migration

Configuration Migrator

The Configuration Migrator is a time-saving solution that automates the configuration process for Oracle PLM Cloud and enhances the alignment between customer groups by including and encouraging collaboration between company-wide departments according to their schedule. 

3 paths can be used for the migration of configurations 

  • Agile PLM to Oracle PLM Cloud

  • GoStart to the final template

  • Dev platform to the next

Configuration Migrator Features

  • A fully automated process that results in significantly reduced data load time while using Oracle PLM Cloud migration best practices

  • Supports configurable transformation rules to allow for customer-specific transformations

  • Many folds reduced time in developing, testing, and executing configuration extractions

  • Customizable & reviewable configurations before loading to the destination system

Data Migrator

The Data Migrator is an end to end fully automated solution which extracts, transforms, migrates and validates data along with files from Agile PLM and other PLM solutions to Oracle PLM Cloud in a timely and efficient manner.

Data Migrator Features:

  • It offers a fully automated process that reduces errors in data extraction and load resulting in a significant order of magnitude reduction in data load time


  • Many folds reduced time in developing, testing and executing data extraction scripts


  • Supports configurable transformation rules to allow for customer-specific transformations to apply customized business rules

  • Automated validation to identify anomalies in the data that would cause data load failures in Oracle PLM Cloud


  • Post data load validation reports to certify the accuracy of the data load

  • Linking of files with items

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