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GoSaaS helps Unicom Engineering Achieve Transition to the Oracle PLM Cloud from Agile 

Prior to the implementation, the client was facing critical business challenges that needed immediate attention to achieve smooth workflows, visibility and time-efficiency. With this implementation, the client hoped to alleviate the following business concerns:

  • Integrations going offline

  • Lack of support availability

  • Major instability issues in the application and add-ons

Business Challenges

Prior to the implementation, Unicom was facing challenges to ensure improved  product change control, improved workflow collaboration and enhanced substance compliance. The legacy Agile system used for PLM was heading toward EOL and they needed to find a Product Lifecycle Management tool that would support their company’s growing needs and take them beyond Agile.

With this implementation, the client hoped to alleviate the following concerns:

  • Migration to the Oracle Cloud from Agile that was going EOL

  • Enhance capabilities with the Oracle Cloud but keep features of Agile

  • Maintain environmental governance & compliance of all products

  • Allow seamless commercial transactions with product data flow from PLM to ERP 


In April 2021, Unicom Engineering initiated the implementation of Oracle PLM Cloud in collaboration with GoSaaS. The project involved migrating Oracle Agile PLM to Oracle Cloud PLM. GoSaas added new automation capability using GoSaaS PowerTools for criteria based security and approver assignment. Moreover, the Compliance EG&C add-on system was implemented along with integration to Great Plains ERP.

The project was completed in January 2022.

The following features and functionality benefits were accounted for in the implementation effort:

  • Stable application environment provides the means to process work

  • An Oracle application that is mature enough with features and capabilities equivalent to the application it is being positioned to replace. 

  • Post Go-Live support cost

GoSaaS was able to help them achieve their major goals; improved time efficiency in work processes and flexible and expansive tool capabilities with more agile workflow processes. In addition to that, GoSaaS has been able to design tools to help develop fields, design reporting tools that were lost by the client leaving Agile, offer additional support in helping the client understand the Oracle database, and add and work through support tickets for Oracle assistance.

On Partnering with Experts

Working with Unicom Engineering to streamline their operations has been a delight. Here is what the Unicom Engineering team has to say about successfully partnering with GoSaaS to accomplish this strategic objective.

“The GoSaaS team has been extremely supportive.  We have been very impressed with the work ethic and support we have gotten from “all” of your employees. The support we have gotten has been more than acceptable.  The support as written in the contract looks comparable to others we have seen but we would be hard pressed to find the “human element” that GoSaaS gives to the package. You have an advantage in the way your company is open and responsive with the customer in your support”. 

Stephanie Putnam, Project Coordinator 
Unicom Engineering

“I love what GoSaaS has done to get us where we are (with PLM Cloud) and the continued support. We would be in deep trouble without them.”

Mike Thibodeaux
Director Product Management
Unicom Engineering


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