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“I love what GoSaaS has done to get us where we are (with PLM Cloud) and the continued support. We would be in deep trouble without them.”

Mike Thibodeaux
Director Product Management
Unicom Engineering

Oracle Cloud PLM Services 

Cloud Implementation Services

Want to implement Cloud services to your system? Don’t worry! experts have got you covered.

Cloud Migration

Need to migrate from a legacy system? will ensure the migration process is fast, efficient and smooth.

Products for Oracle Cloud PLM

Configuration Migrator

Configuration Migrator is a time-saving solution that automates the configuration process for Oracle PLM Cloud and enhances the alignment between customer groups by including and encouraging collaboration between company-wide departments according to their schedule.


Data Migrator is an end to end fully automated solution which extracts, transforms, migrates and validates data along with files from Agile PLM and other PLM solutions to Oracle PLM Cloud in a timely and efficient manner.

GoStart Enterprise

Our GoStart (enterprise edition) are best practices industry templates developed to speed up the cloud implementation process. We provide a predefined application configuration that can be loaded quickly into the customer's cloud environment. 

Power Tools

Power Tools are a set of functionalities created especially for Oracle Cloud PLM to fasten and optimize workflow. There are 3 versions of this functionality which accelerate and enhance your approvals, security and BOM updates.



Most live PLM Cloud customers and most live Agile PLM to Cloud PLM Migrations

Industry SMEs who are actually from the industry, not career consultants

Always included at no-cost in all our projects:

  1. Only PLM firm with automated configuration and data migration tools

  2. Integration assets from Cloud PLM to ERPs, CRMs

  3. Power Tools for security, approvals and BOM management automations

Industries We Serve

We pride ourselves on providing  expert services to various industries that enable them to accelerate business growth. We strive to improve the operational efficiency, safety, and reputation of clients from all sectors. Our key target market includes the following industries:

  • Semiconductor

  • High-tech manufacturing

  • Life Sciences

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