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Charter Next Generation Achieves Accelerated Product Development with GoSaaS

Business Challenges

Prior to the implementation, the client was facing critical business challenges that needed immediate attention to achieve smooth workflows, visibility and time-efficiency. With this implementation, the client hoped to alleviate the following business concerns:

  • Integrations going offline

  • Lack of support availability

  • Major instability issues in the application and add-ons


GoSaaS designed a robust strategy for Charter Next Generation to solve their key challenges. The solution involved a PIM to PD conversion, and as a result, the following configuration adjustments were made to facilitate the company's transfer to PD:

  • FBDI import to set the flag for items and test Oracle solution

  • Conversion of Attribute groups from PIM to PD

  • Configuration of all PIM specific elements to PD

  • Reconfiguration of Rules to be compatible with PD

  • Configuration of an Action Menu option to switch between PD and PIM

  • Testing of configurations

GoSaaS-led deployment of Oracle PD gave Charter Next Generation comprehensive visibility into the evolution of its product(s) by allowing it to track product iterations. As a result of more effective and collaborative change management procedures, the client was able to decrease rework and reduce cycle times. Additional benefits included  easier reporting, friendlier user interface, accurate training documentation and easier accessibility to information to the end users without the need for additional reporting. 


Additionally, GoSaaS used the GS Integrator to connect the items and structures from Oracle Cloud PD to Charter Next Generation’s on-premise ERP system (DTR). By performing DTR validations, GoSaaS was able to eliminate any potential for users to submit wrong information into PLM. As a result of this, the client experienced improved operational efficiency, along with elimination of errors.

The following features and benefits were accounted for in the entire
integration effort:

  • Using PLM to keep the ERP system current

  • Providing visibility into the data being synchronized

  • Monitoring and analysis requests

  • In the event of a failure, implementation of  a retrying and error-handling system 

  • Time-saving by deleting duplicate entries

  • Elimination of human errors

  • Notifications through email in case of any failure

  • Drastically stable integrations with organized architecture

  • Detailed item data, which keeps all of the item changes/updates in one place

On Partnering with Experts

It has been a pleasure to work with Charter Next Generation and to help them digitally innovate. After extensive evaluations of several vendors on the market, Charter Next Generation effectively teamed with GoSaaS to deliver this strategic goal.

“We looked at other companies at the time but the clear choice was GoSaaS based on the demo of knowledge in their field, flexibility, training documentation on releases, and availability for our manufacturing business.” said Jeremy Salmons, Business Analyst at Charter Next Generation.

About GoSaaS

GoSaaS enables high-tech manufacturing, life sciences, and CPG companies to create value for their stakeholders. Headquartered in the US, GoSaaS is a certified Oracle PLM Cloud and Agile PLM Partner. We have worked with more than 250 customers across both platforms. 

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